New Jersey Energy Link

The New Jersey Energy Link is an efficient, scalable way to transmit electricity from the large New Jersey wind energy area to the state’s homes and businesses.


New Jersey has traditionally had some of the highest electricity rates in the United States. Part of the reason for this is a lack of transmission capacity to move extra energy supply into New Jersey’s most populated and power hungry northern area. And without this capacity, ratepayers are missing the savings of a freely-operating, competitive market.


The New Jersey Energy Link delivers wind energy to south Jersey with efficient, scalable submarine circuits. And, it offers state energy regulators the option of an offshore circuit linking south Jersey with north Jersey, so power flows can be better balanced within the state. This extra south-north transmission capacity can help avoid shortages, particularly in north Jersey, that contribute to high energy prices. Ratepayers could be saving as much as $475 million in just one year with the New Jersey Energy Link bringing more effective competition to the energy market.


Other Benefits:

  • Storm-hardening the State’s electric grid to make it stronger in the face of severe weather
  • Creating many jobs for New Jersey workers