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3 Reasons for NJ Offshore Wind

14 Aug, 2013

Ongoing negotiations have been taking place between NJBPU and Fishermen's Energy plan for a 25 MW offshore wind project nearly three miles off the coast of Atlantic City. The project was filed initially with BPU in May 2011, shortly after Governor Christie signed the Offshore Wind and Economic Development Act (OWEDA) creating an offshore wind incentive.

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Offshore Wind Energy & Transmission Line Will Provide Huge Benefits to New Jersey

25 Jun, 2013

(This is an Op-Ed submission from a group of wind developers, supply chain manufacturers and environmental groups. They are listed at the end)

In August 2010, New Jersey’s legislature, guided by Senate President Stephen Sweeney, passed and Governor Christie signed the landmark Offshore Wind Economic Development Act. In adopting this law, New Jersey made a strong commitment to continue the shift to clean, renewable energy; creating new, good-paying jobs, keeping more of our energy dollars here in New Jersey, and reducing pollution.

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Google Exec: “The business case for offshore wind power”

10 Jun, 2013

People sometimes ask why an Internet company like Google has chosen to invest in the Atlantic Wind Connection — a multi-billion-dollar electric transmission “backbone” designed to carry power from offshore wind farms. The answer is simple: At Google, we believe investing in renewable energy makes business sense.

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Atlantic Wind Connection: Grid Resiliency, Its Economic and Security Impacts, and the Implications of AWC

17 Jan, 2013

Background. The Chertoff Group (TCG) was retained by Atlantic Grid Operations to study the national and grid security implications of the Atlantic Wind Connection (AWC), and offshore power generation and transmission project, described in more detail below

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