Jobs and a Stronger US Economy

Wind energy is an American success story that dates to the first electricity-producing wind turbine invented in Cleveland, Ohio in 1888. America’s land-based wind industry supports over 70,000 well-paying jobs across all 50 states, including jobs for nearly 20,000 American workers at over 500 factories. Offshore wind is just starting in the US, but it provides a similar job creation opportunity.

Today, Europe dominates the offshore wind supply chain since they’ve been manufacturing and installing turbines for more than two decades. China is pursuing the market as well. But America has advantages that could make it a strong competitor. We have a large land-based wind industry with the factories and skilled workers capable of manufacturing components for offshore turbines. America also is a leader in offshore oil and gas technology and many US companies have equipment for, and expertise in, building and operating large structures in the offshore environment. American factories and ports are closer to our market too, and that means lower transportation costs.

All Americans want the dignity of work and the security of energy independence. We can make that more possible by choosing to generate clean offshore wind power. That’s why we’re so passionate about offshore transmission – because it’s essential to unlocking a cleaner, more secure and more prosperous future for us all.